Saturday, July 17, 2021

How to Download Windows 10 ISO and Create Windows Install USB Without Using Microsoft's Tool on Windows


  1. Get the Win10 ISO
    1. Using Google Chrome navigate here:
    2. Ctrl+Shift+I to enter Developer Tools
    3. Click the Phone/Tablet icon in the top-left of the Developer Tools menu
    4. Open the "Responsive" dropdown menu and choose "iPad Pro"
    5. Refresh the page
    6. Select edition > Windows 10 > Confirm > Choose language > Confirm
    7. Click 64-bit download and save somewhere
  2. Create Installer USB
    1. Download Rufus #.## Portable from here:
    2. Open Rufus
      1. Click "SELECT" and choose the ISO you downloaded in step 1
      2. Make sure the device listed at the top matches your USB drive (name and size)
      3. Choose "MBR" for Partition scheme
      4. Click "START" (note, all data will be wiped from your USB drive)
      5. When this finishes you will have a bootable Windows installer USB

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